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Businesses can spend a great deal of time explaining to customers what they have to sell, what price they are, creating invoices and everything else just to make the actual sale. That’s even if the customer is ready to go and wants to buy.

This is a key reason why so many shops these days allow customers to purchase their products via their online shop: it’s just so much easier for you and the client.

From the customer’s perspective they might like: 

  • the ease of not having to physically go to your shop (particularly if interstate or overseas - and in that case you open up new markets);
  • the ease of returning: where all your details are stored, and you can quickly re-purchase the things you like and have bought before;
  • the ease of browsing in their spare time, such as on public transport or late at night when your physical store is closed.

Research is saying that “65% of customers use a digital device before shopping and 31% while shopping”, so retailers need to blend their digital and bricks-and-mortar shops to “to bridge the current digital gap in the in-store experience.”

Key benefits of automating buying & selling

You open your shop 24/7 - if the customer is working during the day and can’t make it to your physical shop, they can make their purchase in the evening.

You open up new markets: apart from being able to expand your reach interstate and international if you want, a growing number of people expect to be able to purchase online, and will go elsewhere if they don’t find you there. Australia now does 7% of all retail shopping online - why wouldn't you want to add another 7% of revenue to your bottom line?

ecommerce growth trend australia 2012 to 2016

What's an extra 7% worth to you?

Total yearly revenue: % increase:
Revenue increase: $

Think about the decline of your business over time because everyone has slowly readjusted to shopping online. You will regain that sense to young people that you're alive and in business with an eCommerce store or app.

If you're a busy store, what if people could jump the queue by ordering online? How many new orders could you get because of that? Even if you're not busy, lots of people don't even want to make the effort to go to your store anymore - you can capture these people again. 

There are additional benefits with automating your Point-of-Sales (POS).

Benefits of point-of-services automation:

Automate accounting, inventory, tracking sales, invoice creation, and so much more.

Innovative POS systems can give customers a QR code for each product which they can scan on their phone. This can be linked to your shop website to find more information about the product: include facts and figures and an intriguing story to boost conversion rates.

Take the number of people who come into your store per day/week, and the number who actually buy. If you could increase the number who buy by linking them to the online store for that extra information they’re after, by even 5%: what would that be worth for you?

No. orders per week: Average $/order:
Increase of 5% revenue/year: $

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