CRM & Sales automation systems

What if you could automatically have contact details saved from email conversations, get automatically reminded about leads you haven't contacted recently, and have the whole sales system integrated right next your email? One person saved 10 hours a week and thus $26,000 per year! (10hrs x 52 weeks x $50/hr).

How much time do you currently spend on sales, and how much would that be worth to you if we could save just 10% of your time on sales?

Hours spent per week: No. sales workers: Hourly cost: $ % Time saved: Saved per year: $

Salesforce CRM boast the following "average customer experience": 

  • 44% increase in Lead Volume
  • 37% increase in Win Rate
  • 37% increase in Sales Revenue
  • 45% increase in Customer Retention

How much could you make by that much extra in sales revenue?