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How do we design a system for your business?

We understand your business goals first

So many business owners have come to us in the past asking for, say, a website, but they don't even know why. "Because everyone else has one" - but why? For boosting their marketing efforts? For better efficiency? To close sales? To improve their branding? 

We sit down with you to help draw out from you the real problems. That way we can focus on the things that actually matter to your bottom line.

We design a system specific to your needs

You need the right tool for the right job. A small business doesn't need software that's designed for 1000s of employees - it's going to be just too complex and a net time-waster. It's like using a chainsaw to cut a single dead leaf - ridiculously costly and time-wasting. 

Some businesses prefer Apple devices, some Android, and don't want to spend thousands switching. We are flexible enough to compensate for all these sorts of things.

Some are already efficient in particular areas and we work around that to design something that isn't going to upset your strengths for the sake of a sleek new system which you would have to re-learn.

So we design with creativity every time.

We only develop new integrations or software when needed

It's no secret anymore that the software you're looking for is probably out there already. We don't unnecessarily charge you tens of thousands of dollars more for development and maintenance. 

But there may be a need to get some information from one piece of software to another in an automatic way, and no current way ("integration") to do that. We can smooth that over with a quick custom integration. We keep an eye out for software that can easily communicate to other software (using "APIs"). 

 We choose software that will work together well

It's frustrating having to copy information from email to your customer database, or your phone app to your desktop, or a handwritten note to digital. We work hard to automate all that, while those who want to DIY this will make very costly mistakes.

We've spent thousands of hours testing all manner of software (and hardware) and we know what the systems should do, so we can cut through all the low-quality stuff quickly. 

We make sure your data gets safely transferred

Having put together a carefully crafted software solution, we will move all your current customer data (or any other form of information, in any format) to the new system. 

We are masters at making sure all the data is in the right format and is transferred correctly. Massive migrations of data can be achieved through powerful software so human mistakes are eliminated. 

We train you - if any training is needed

As we have chosen high-quality software, you may not need much training. Gone is the days when you have complicated bland interfaces that just about need a rocket science degree! But we are there if you need it.

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