Why Us?

Because we know you don't just need a website

Others will sell you a website - but we look to why you need a website. To generate leads? To make sales? To answer simple questions you get all the time over the phone and email? Don't come out the other side disappointed because you didn't understand what you really needed.

Because your competition is automating their business and undercutting you

While you still have old (or no) software, are not using your phone, or are not even aware of the million-and-one 'bots' out there, your competition is. And they use this advantage to sell things cheaper and make more profit. 

Because we can give you the big picture as well as the detail

Our principle consultant Nathan is 50-50 left and right brain, so this enables him to always think about your business goals, strategies, and multiplicity of systems to weave them together into a coherent comprehensive system. Without the big picture, you can be easily left with another silo of information divorced from other parts of your business.

Because we don't get stuck on one or two systems

We've spent 1,000s of hours trying and researching hundreds of software solutions. The options always change, they are getting more intuitive and more automated each year. What was great last year isn't necessarily great today. That's why you need people who aren't afraid of technology, who know it's uses (and limitations). Those who specialise in one or more products may well be selling you short with poor, inferior systems.

Because we've got business and IT experience - not just IT

Our principle consultant & CEO Nathan Keen has more than 10 years experience in IT and system development. His personal portfolio contains some of the 50+ websites he has made: behance.net/nathankeenmelbourne. These have been made using platforms like WordPress and Joomla, eCommerce shops like HikaShop (for Joomla - see shop.fava.org.au), and custom websites. 

But an IT guy can’t necessarily see the business side of things. Having run his own web design business for several years, he understands businesses needs. Businesses want to minimise costs, and IT has often been an added luxury cost. We listen to you so that we can hear where your pains are, so we don’t waste your money ‘delivering’ on solutions that don’t actually help you. 

Because we focus on your bottom line, not ours

We want great referrals, so we focus on projects that deliver a return on your investment. Smart software these days can produce return by massively increasing productivity through automation, as well as helping sales and marketing teams to quickly identify what's working and what's not to make more money. Less costs, more money = a fantastic return on your investment. 

Please contact us to see what we can do for your business.